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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Update on Polo and TCB.

First we would like to thank all the people that sent thier prayers and well wishes for Polo (Reggie). It really means a lot to see people showing concern for a person that has given so much of himself to the public. Also thanks to everyone in the Go Go community that have showed support and concern for Polo and TCB. Sugar Bear, D Floyd, 32, Rappa, Big G, Big Tony, Whiteboy, GoGo Mickey, Chris (TOB), 3DB, Rick and Reaction, XIB, and many others who came to the prayer vigil or sent prayers. Polo is a true fan of GoGo before he put his mark on it.
As of today Polo is still in a coma and has been breathing with the help of a respirator. He is taken off of it for a few minutes to breathe on his own but he needs to get stronger. He hasn't gotten worse but the doctors hope that he wakes up and then they can run test to plan his recovery. The family may be moving him to Georgetown U Hospital today or Thursday for further care. So as of today we are still praying and hoping that he makes a turn for the better. The type of injury he has makes it hard to see progress on daily basis so we can't say today was this or today was that. We just go see him and talk to him hoping he reacts physically. His vital signs respond to us talking to him and Dj John put headphones on him to listen to music and we could tell he was listening. We pray that he starts to breathe on his own, then wake up from the coma. We know this takes time so we pray and wait to see him improve.
TCB will still perform and are taking donations at our shows to take care of some of his medical expences. We know there are a lot of people praying for him and we may can't thank you all but know we are grateful and thankful for your prayers. We promise to stay more in touch and will post more to the blog to keep things moving. Again...thank everyone that has sent a prayer up for Polo. Pray4Polo TCB4Life!

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