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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Prayer vigil for Polo

Today we will be attending a Prayer Vigil for our friend and brother Polo. It will be at the family's request at 800 11th Street N.E. at Douglas Memorial United Methodist Church starting at 6pm. He is currently still in critical but stable condition. Some rumors have been floating around that his condition has improved so drastically that he tried to sit up. As much as we would like for it to be the truth, it is far from it. He has been in a coma since Sunday. So we gather today to pray for God to do HIS will and wait for an answer. We appreciate all the well wishers who have expressed their concerns for our friend and we continue to ask for you to keep him in your prayers. We ask if you plan on attending the vigil, please be respectful and mindful of his family and close friends. He is a son, brother and father long before he was Polo of TCB. Just bring your prayers and support and let's express ourselves accordenly. We will continue our business of performing in his absence. I know some people want to know will we still hold commitments to some shows we have lined up. We will. This is something Polo wants us to do because he worked so hard to give TCB to the city he loves so much. If anything changes with Polo we will be sure to post it here or thru our Twitter account @BounceBeatKingz. Rumors may make it to the streets faster than we can address them but we will only post facts when they are confirmed by the family. Polo is still fighting. He gave us the name Bounce Beat KINGZ because we all are one so we are going to take care of TCB just like he expects us to. We hope you will help us and continue to hang in there with us while we take this journey. We play because he lives in our hearts and music. Hopefully, thru prayer, he will one day join us to continue his work. So with that I say Thank you! Thank you to everyone our music has ever influenced and touched. TCB4Life TCB4Polo!


  1. I am glad he is still with us. Thanks for the update and i will continue to pray for him as well as his friends and family.

  2. tcb is the best get well polo

  3. we tryna get this dance group started
    so tcb do ya have any names for us

    they need to stop sayin he dead man prayas gos out man