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Friday, November 18, 2011

Update on Polo. Happy Birthday Polo. Video Get Well Card

          First, We like to thank everyone that has offered up prayers for Polo. A lot of people have been wondering what has been going on with Polo since the last time we posted anything on his health. After talking with his parent we can now update you on his health.

           Polo is no longer in what they call "end of life"care which means he  has been removed off of hospice. He is no longer in a coma and is well enough that he has been moved to a rehabilitation facility to help him start his recovery. He has been breathing on his own for awhile but he still is in a semi sleep state. He can hear you, he can feel things, he can open his eyes for a few moments and he can squeeze your hand. These are good signs because now he can start therapy and start to see specialist to help with his progress. With that said these procedures are expensive and the family is setting up a trust fund for anyone to make charitable and tax deductible donations. This should be set up in the next few weeks and we will post the information. We encourage anyone who would like to help Polo with his medical expenses to do so. This is for a good cause and now there is a way to help if you didn't know how. Again, Polo is in a rehabilitation facility and is currently beginning therapy to help him progress in his recovery. This has been a journey that has been made easier by the support our friends and fans have provided. Polo greatly appreciates the prayers. All we can ask is to keep praying.

You can post your encouraging word in the comments section. We will forward them to the family.

Monday, September 6, 2010

We Still Here!

It's been a minute since we made any statements on our blog but this is a better time if any. First up our brother Polo has been improving and was in a Rehab/Nursing home until the first week of September. He was moved back to the hospital for further treatmen last week. He has some more movement and his reflexes are improving. He does blink a little and he does move when he is touched. With that said he still is in a sub-concious state. He is showing signs of improvement and is more stable than he's ever been. It's a long road but he is well into his journey of recovering. Keep him in your works #Pray4Polo.
Next up...the Double CD is titled "We Still Here!" and will be dropping Sept 17th. We titled it this because basically we can't use our real name on flyers when we perform because the authorities blame us for things we have no physical control over. So some clubs are forced to not say officially we perform at them. But "We Still Here!" The movies Keep it Gansta 1 and 2 will be released together on Sept 14th. The sequel was one of the last things Polo left for us to finish. With it done it's only right to put our work out the way he wanted. Both CD and movie will be available at all the usual spots.
Next up!...... This "TCB dissin other bands" is BS. So many of you have showed your support for us that we reconize all of it. It's much appreciated. The conflict was based on nothing but ppl focusing on one part of a verse. "what you hearing is a bounce beat party, we ain't no Crank bounce, we ain't no Slow bounce...." real talk, we are the bounce beat so there is no label for us but Bouncebeat Kingz! It's all love. Y'all know this! It's been a ruff 5 months but we still here. Competition is a good thing and we let the music speak for itself. We can go song for song with anybody so be careful if you come for us...;). We does what we do and even if Polo not on stage with us we still here! Rockin and doing what we do! So don't think for one minute we gonna let up. Until our brother re joins us.....We still here! So cop the CD on the 17th and the movie on the 14th. Special thanks to DJ Big John, RE, BYB, XIB, Rengade, ABM, 3DB, TOB, GO GO Coalition, Da Land Ent, Big Vic, Big L, Reaction and all the Bouncebeat Queens for all the support. #TCB4Life.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

TCB Cranks Ibiza for WPGC B-Day Bash

For the first time we performed in IBiza Night Club. If you know anything about this club you know they don't do GoGo. So when PGC asked us to perform at BDay dash we jump at the chance to crank in front of some people who never seen us before. The night started out with a prayer from Rev. Tony Lee. Then we started out with Bounce Beat Queen...:(. After that we stepped it up for the rest of the set. After we finished DJ Flex got on the mic and asked us to do him a favor..... Perform "Forever" with Lil Moe.... She killed it and we rocked the joint. Shout out to T Pain who gave us big props during his set. Thanks to DJ Flex, Big Tiger and WPGC for the opportunity. Thanks to Rev. Tony Lee for the prayer for Polo. We got video of our performance posted at

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New TCB CD Ready for Release

I know it's been a minute but YES! The new CD is ready to be pressed up and released. Here is what the back cover and the track list looks like. It has 24 tracks on it and it goes. We are also releasing the TCB/Waka CD/DVD later this summer. We got 2 new songs going to radio in the next week or so. One is called "Bait". Look out for that one. We are also putting together the biggest Super Soaker/Water Ballon Party on May 29th. We got so much coming this summer, stay tuned. If you haven't heard we putting together a "DMV Rap meets Bounce Beat" Mixtape together with some of the best and well known rap artist in DC. Stay tuned for that one. TCB is also going to release "Keep it Gangsta Pt. 2" this summer also. If you haven't seen the first one we may re release it. Other than that...we gonna keep bouncin and keep Polo in our Prayer's. He is at Georgetown University Hospital doing better. He has been downgraded from critical to serious and is breathing on his own. Wednesday May 19th we are performing a tribute to Polo at Ibiza Night Club for WPGC Birthday Bash. So if you coming get there early because we hit at 7:30pm sharp. Thank y'all for tuning in and we see at the next go around..............Whew Lawd

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Update on Polo and TCB.

First we would like to thank all the people that sent thier prayers and well wishes for Polo (Reggie). It really means a lot to see people showing concern for a person that has given so much of himself to the public. Also thanks to everyone in the Go Go community that have showed support and concern for Polo and TCB. Sugar Bear, D Floyd, 32, Rappa, Big G, Big Tony, Whiteboy, GoGo Mickey, Chris (TOB), 3DB, Rick and Reaction, XIB, and many others who came to the prayer vigil or sent prayers. Polo is a true fan of GoGo before he put his mark on it.
As of today Polo is still in a coma and has been breathing with the help of a respirator. He is taken off of it for a few minutes to breathe on his own but he needs to get stronger. He hasn't gotten worse but the doctors hope that he wakes up and then they can run test to plan his recovery. The family may be moving him to Georgetown U Hospital today or Thursday for further care. So as of today we are still praying and hoping that he makes a turn for the better. The type of injury he has makes it hard to see progress on daily basis so we can't say today was this or today was that. We just go see him and talk to him hoping he reacts physically. His vital signs respond to us talking to him and Dj John put headphones on him to listen to music and we could tell he was listening. We pray that he starts to breathe on his own, then wake up from the coma. We know this takes time so we pray and wait to see him improve.
TCB will still perform and are taking donations at our shows to take care of some of his medical expences. We know there are a lot of people praying for him and we may can't thank you all but know we are grateful and thankful for your prayers. We promise to stay more in touch and will post more to the blog to keep things moving. Again...thank everyone that has sent a prayer up for Polo. Pray4Polo TCB4Life!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Prayer vigil for Polo

Today we will be attending a Prayer Vigil for our friend and brother Polo. It will be at the family's request at 800 11th Street N.E. at Douglas Memorial United Methodist Church starting at 6pm. He is currently still in critical but stable condition. Some rumors have been floating around that his condition has improved so drastically that he tried to sit up. As much as we would like for it to be the truth, it is far from it. He has been in a coma since Sunday. So we gather today to pray for God to do HIS will and wait for an answer. We appreciate all the well wishers who have expressed their concerns for our friend and we continue to ask for you to keep him in your prayers. We ask if you plan on attending the vigil, please be respectful and mindful of his family and close friends. He is a son, brother and father long before he was Polo of TCB. Just bring your prayers and support and let's express ourselves accordenly. We will continue our business of performing in his absence. I know some people want to know will we still hold commitments to some shows we have lined up. We will. This is something Polo wants us to do because he worked so hard to give TCB to the city he loves so much. If anything changes with Polo we will be sure to post it here or thru our Twitter account @BounceBeatKingz. Rumors may make it to the streets faster than we can address them but we will only post facts when they are confirmed by the family. Polo is still fighting. He gave us the name Bounce Beat KINGZ because we all are one so we are going to take care of TCB just like he expects us to. We hope you will help us and continue to hang in there with us while we take this journey. We play because he lives in our hearts and music. Hopefully, thru prayer, he will one day join us to continue his work. So with that I say Thank you! Thank you to everyone our music has ever influenced and touched. TCB4Life TCB4Polo!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Official Statement from TCB.

In the early morning hours of April 11th during our show at The CFE our friend Reggie (Polo) complained about not feeling well and it was decided that he should go home. On his way home his condition didn't improve so he was taken to Greater Southeast Hospital were he went into a coma. He was then taken to Washington Hospitol Center where he has been since Sunday morning fighting for his life. So as of today... POLO IS NOT DEAD! Out of respect for his family we are only passing on information we get from them. The situation is very serious and it's been hard just even listening to our music. The band had a meeting Sunday night and everyone was briefed on Polo's condition and they collectively decided to perform at the LePearl out of respect for Polo. In reality he has suffered a serious trauma and best case senerio it'll be a very long road to any recovery. We respect the families decisions whatever they may be and we always hope for the best. So as of right now TCB will do what Polo has done all his life...HUSTLE and GRIND. He left us with his dream to watch over it for him. He made sure we all could eat. He changed the game up as with everything he's done. So to not continue to be TCB would be disrespecting the sacrifice and hustle Polo made to see TCB what it is now. We're pulling for our friend. We don't want to talk about what if's, but for right now, Polo is still with us. Just pray for him y'all. If you down wit Polo then you down wit TCB. He is us and we are him! We are not gonna let him down by slacking up. We promise everyone that listens to our music that Polo is still with us regardless of what happens. So today we realize things have changed...... but we won't. We see things on FaceBook about Polo and we know how much he ment to the city but please chill with the RIP Polo stuff. His friends and family see it and it's nerve racking. So with that we say thank you to everyone that cared enough to listen to a band called TCB. We thank the city. We thank the fans. We thank God!...... TCB4Life!