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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Waka Flacka and TCB rock CFE

March 27th Waka Flacka Flame and TCB did the CFE. TCB opened the night like we always do mixing in some old with the new and just cranking. The night was hyped and everybody was partying and having a blast. Around 3 Waka arrived and walked thru the crowd to the stage to perform. He started his set with about 4 songs then asked "where TCB at, I wanna do some GoGo shit!". We hit the stage and started to hit "oh let's do it" TCB style. Waka rocked wit TCB for about 15 minutes doing his rap and riding out to the crowd yelling "waka flacka flame!" (video: ) TCB closed the show that ended around 4:20am. All in all a great night. We did record and shoot video for this project so stay tuned for the TCB live featuring Waka. Shout out to Tay Beatz 1017, we working on the Icegrill remix. Thanks to everyone who came out and had a good time wit The BounceBeat Kingz and Waka! Whew Lawd!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Waka and TCB join up for the party of the year!

Saturday March 27th will be a night to remember. TCB will be performing at the CFE with Waka Flaka Flame. As previously reported Waka was detained for a parole violation(leaving the state of Georgia). Well he is out and he will be at the CFE this weekend. My man Tay Beats (Wakas DJ) confirmed that Waka is free and does have permission to leave the state. So if you planned on coming...O let's do it. You can text Waka to 68398 for discount passes. Imma get Waka to come on stage and get it in wit us. Dont forget its BYOL. We just might record this one DMV. Its gonna be one of those nights....Whew Lawd!