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Monday, September 6, 2010

We Still Here!

It's been a minute since we made any statements on our blog but this is a better time if any. First up our brother Polo has been improving and was in a Rehab/Nursing home until the first week of September. He was moved back to the hospital for further treatmen last week. He has some more movement and his reflexes are improving. He does blink a little and he does move when he is touched. With that said he still is in a sub-concious state. He is showing signs of improvement and is more stable than he's ever been. It's a long road but he is well into his journey of recovering. Keep him in your works #Pray4Polo.
Next up...the Double CD is titled "We Still Here!" and will be dropping Sept 17th. We titled it this because basically we can't use our real name on flyers when we perform because the authorities blame us for things we have no physical control over. So some clubs are forced to not say officially we perform at them. But "We Still Here!" The movies Keep it Gansta 1 and 2 will be released together on Sept 14th. The sequel was one of the last things Polo left for us to finish. With it done it's only right to put our work out the way he wanted. Both CD and movie will be available at all the usual spots.
Next up!...... This "TCB dissin other bands" is BS. So many of you have showed your support for us that we reconize all of it. It's much appreciated. The conflict was based on nothing but ppl focusing on one part of a verse. "what you hearing is a bounce beat party, we ain't no Crank bounce, we ain't no Slow bounce...." real talk, we are the bounce beat so there is no label for us but Bouncebeat Kingz! It's all love. Y'all know this! It's been a ruff 5 months but we still here. Competition is a good thing and we let the music speak for itself. We can go song for song with anybody so be careful if you come for us...;). We does what we do and even if Polo not on stage with us we still here! Rockin and doing what we do! So don't think for one minute we gonna let up. Until our brother re joins us.....We still here! So cop the CD on the 17th and the movie on the 14th. Special thanks to DJ Big John, RE, BYB, XIB, Rengade, ABM, 3DB, TOB, GO GO Coalition, Da Land Ent, Big Vic, Big L, Reaction and all the Bouncebeat Queens for all the support. #TCB4Life.


  1. Stamp good look on all da news

  2. Is there an email I can use to contact you guys? I am a journalism student and I would like to interview you for a story.