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Friday, November 18, 2011

Update on Polo. Happy Birthday Polo. Video Get Well Card

          First, We like to thank everyone that has offered up prayers for Polo. A lot of people have been wondering what has been going on with Polo since the last time we posted anything on his health. After talking with his parent we can now update you on his health.

           Polo is no longer in what they call "end of life"care which means he  has been removed off of hospice. He is no longer in a coma and is well enough that he has been moved to a rehabilitation facility to help him start his recovery. He has been breathing on his own for awhile but he still is in a semi sleep state. He can hear you, he can feel things, he can open his eyes for a few moments and he can squeeze your hand. These are good signs because now he can start therapy and start to see specialist to help with his progress. With that said these procedures are expensive and the family is setting up a trust fund for anyone to make charitable and tax deductible donations. This should be set up in the next few weeks and we will post the information. We encourage anyone who would like to help Polo with his medical expenses to do so. This is for a good cause and now there is a way to help if you didn't know how. Again, Polo is in a rehabilitation facility and is currently beginning therapy to help him progress in his recovery. This has been a journey that has been made easier by the support our friends and fans have provided. Polo greatly appreciates the prayers. All we can ask is to keep praying.

You can post your encouraging word in the comments section. We will forward them to the family.