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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

TCB Cranks Ibiza for WPGC B-Day Bash

For the first time we performed in IBiza Night Club. If you know anything about this club you know they don't do GoGo. So when PGC asked us to perform at BDay dash we jump at the chance to crank in front of some people who never seen us before. The night started out with a prayer from Rev. Tony Lee. Then we started out with Bounce Beat Queen...:(. After that we stepped it up for the rest of the set. After we finished DJ Flex got on the mic and asked us to do him a favor..... Perform "Forever" with Lil Moe.... She killed it and we rocked the joint. Shout out to T Pain who gave us big props during his set. Thanks to DJ Flex, Big Tiger and WPGC for the opportunity. Thanks to Rev. Tony Lee for the prayer for Polo. We got video of our performance posted at

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New TCB CD Ready for Release

I know it's been a minute but YES! The new CD is ready to be pressed up and released. Here is what the back cover and the track list looks like. It has 24 tracks on it and it goes. We are also releasing the TCB/Waka CD/DVD later this summer. We got 2 new songs going to radio in the next week or so. One is called "Bait". Look out for that one. We are also putting together the biggest Super Soaker/Water Ballon Party on May 29th. We got so much coming this summer, stay tuned. If you haven't heard we putting together a "DMV Rap meets Bounce Beat" Mixtape together with some of the best and well known rap artist in DC. Stay tuned for that one. TCB is also going to release "Keep it Gangsta Pt. 2" this summer also. If you haven't seen the first one we may re release it. Other than that...we gonna keep bouncin and keep Polo in our Prayer's. He is at Georgetown University Hospital doing better. He has been downgraded from critical to serious and is breathing on his own. Wednesday May 19th we are performing a tribute to Polo at Ibiza Night Club for WPGC Birthday Bash. So if you coming get there early because we hit at 7:30pm sharp. Thank y'all for tuning in and we see at the next go around..............Whew Lawd